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Key jewellery trends for 2020

Key jewellery trends for 2020

So Jewellery is a big trend again for 2020, and was all over the catwalks of the big fashion houses in their 2020 shows.  The necklace was the strongest element, showing as a choker (at Chloe), strings of beads and pearls ((Dior and Prada), multi-layer necklaces (making a big prominent statement, as shown at Elie Saab) to delicate chain necklaces (Fendi).  The necklace is a perfect jewellery piece for everyone.

corsage exampleThe corsage, another statement piece for Spring 2020, has been given a contemporary edge, using big oversized flowers (Luis Vuitton).  Within the high street this works well and can be used to highlight the new Spring colours

Broaches were also here to make a statement, often adding some bling to the outfit (especially within Gucci and Victoria Beckham).

Earrings were a talking point, and the use of tortoiseshell (which personally I love) continued from Fall 19.  From the statement long earrings (Valentino and Vivienne Westwood), to chunky gold stand out pairs (Versace and Oscar De La Renta) to the big hoops (Proenza Schouler).

Bracelets were thick and chunky (Chloe and Elie Saab), and there to be seen, not to be subtle.

So, do all these trends work with your O bag, yes of course they do.  The whole idea of O bag is that you can simply change one piece of your O bag to match your outfit (or your mood or personality).  For many people wearing statement jewellery may mean they want their O bag to be more neutral without any patterns or bright colours.  For others it may mean they want the statement patterns to highlight the statement jewellery.  It is all down to the individual (and how you feel on the day).  Changes can be made to the O bag (changing a trim or handles for example) or simply changing the dial or the strap of your O clock.

Spring Summer is on the way, and it all about making a statement.  Within O bag there really is a colour and style for every individual. 

O bag classic with the black and white marble trim works well with all jewellery, and still makes a statement.  A best seller!

This yellow mini makes a statement of its own, jewellery is optional.

The white mini combo is a neutral background to show off all jewellery.  It works well with all the contemporary jewellery styles.  The mini combo with the chevron trim and short rope handles is another classic look and works well as statement background to show off statement jewellery.

Enjoy the Spring jewellery trends and accessorizing your O bag.