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Spring 2020 accessory bag trends

Spring 2020 accessory bag trends

Matching your accessories to your O bag

Ok so lets start first with the shoes and handbag concept, of should they match?  I am going to say “No”, this is an old-school concept.  It does work, and it can be an easy decision when you are thinking about your outfit, however it is not a necessary guideline to follow.  Let’s look at these options to make a statement and be on trend.

First add a statement of colour to your bag, so it stands out (and then your shoes don’t need to).  I would go for a bright yellow, which looks cool and stands out with any outfit. 

Spring 2020 accessory bag trends


If you prefer you can just have a statement of colour/pattern featured in your bag and your clothing.  This can be a bright hue or a more tonal look, or a statement pattern.  The decision here is to feel comfortable.  Maybe you could change the handles on this mini chevron combo later if going out after work –


Polar opposites can work so keep your outfit and shoes very plain and have a total statement bag.  This Imperial blue combo is a statement in itself, but very easy to coordinate with -


If you are going all statement with your outfit, such as statement prints, sparkle shoes/boots, and/or bright colours you may just want a more neutral bag.  This blue urban combo is perfect for this, and roomy so you can fit in everything you need!


Bags with texture look great and add interest.  This season we have a couple of options which add glamour and style without any effort.  The mini herringbone is a truly classic masterpiece, and very simply looks chic.  The urban matelassé textured quilted bag adds sophistication and panache to any outfit.


Of course, the main thing is to feel comfortable and love what you're wearing.  It is easy to be safe, which is why adding interest or colour to your bag is an easy way to experiment.  There are no rules, no wrongs and rights!  With O bag (and of course O clock) it is easy to change a small piece to get a dramatic change.

Happy shopping!