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The biggest makeup trends of 2020

The biggest makeup trends of 2020

Here at O bag we love Make up and are slightly obsessed with the oncoming make up trends of 2020.  Let’s see how these work with the O bag range planned for Spring 2020.

Mascara – Ditch the black (and brown) and go for something bright.  I personally love blue, but pink is a top colour too.  This fits in perfectly with the colour range of O bag this season.  The O bag range features a blue (bright and navy), smoke rose (bestselling colour), amaranth (slightly brighter) and cassis (new pink hue).  If you want something more neutral on your lashes but still with colour, try a green.  This will make people do a double take and works well with the military and petrol bags in stock.

If you just want a quick hint of colour, try adding a pop of bright eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes to add definition.  This can be the same with the bag, just try adding a pop of colour on the inner or trim to stand out from the body of the bag.

Pucker up – forget the bold red lip.  In 202 its all about making a statement with a bright or hot pink.  If you want your lipstick to stay all day, go for a matt lipstick instead of a creamy one.  Again, these will stand out with the bright pink tones of the bags we have in this season.  If you want to be more neutral you can just wear a lip stain, to give you a dreamier look, and easier to manage.  Try using a pink O bag to follow this trend in your accessories.

Floating eyeliner is a new trend, I have to say this won’t suit all, but for those (with a steady hand) and want dramatic looks this can look great.  Instead of sticking to the lash line, you can now draw the line on your eye socket, in a more neutral colour so it gives definition to the eyeshadow.  I would suggest a bright inner or a statement trim to create the same look on your O bag.

Another trend for eyes is the watercolour eye.  This could be the prettiest look for 2020, with either the same or different colours used on the inner, the centre of the lid and the last third of the lid.  Again, this trend is key for O bag, either have a tonal look on the body, trim and inner or a completely clashing colour mix.  It’s your choice and will suit your personality.  Following on from this is the mismatched eyeshadow look, where eyeshadows are completely different on each eye.  We were already there with that trend on O bag. You can go bold and use colours that are complete opposites to make a great statement.

Finally, and its back to pink (I think we can see the statement colour here), and it’s all about wearing a glowing pink as your blusher.  Wear it on the cheeks, temples and under the brow bones to give yourself an all over glow.  Make sure you have some pink in your O bag and/or O clock this season!