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The most important spring 2020 trend

The most important spring 2020 trend

The biggest trend of all this season from the big names – how green is your catwalk?  What are you doing to help the environment?  How sustainable is your vision?  Brands need to be showing how they can recycle and promote mindful purchasing while still being on trend and captivating their audience.  From some of the big names, Gucci announced it was reducing and offsetting all carbon emissions from its supply chain.  Dior surrounded its runway with trees it would be replanting in Paris’s urban areas.  Louis Vuitton kept things minimal using a bleached pine stadium seating (from sustainably managed pine forests) and was then planned for repurpose by another company after the show.

O bag has been working with this policy for a while.  (see Social responsibility page).  O bag is keen to reuse and recycle materials where possible.  In Italy you can return your used bags for a discount, and these are then reused.  Any materials not used/needed in the factories are recycled into new products.

Reused materials can either be used in making a new product or to make the flat boards used for many purposes.

Don’t just throw away, reuse where possible.

O bag have key elements they follow in the manufacturing process. 

Following on from the above, the message is clear, accessories need to be cleaner (no unnecessary frills) and be able to live in the wardrobe for many seasons.  Bags need to be oversized, and tote or bucket shaped.  When it comes to accessorising, “be yourself” is the message.  Buying, wearing and repeating what you love is a good way to keep your wardrobe sustainable, and yourself in style.

O bag and O clock fit in perfectly with this theme.  By simply changing and updating a handle or a trim (or an inner or a body), you can change the look of the bag very easily.  By changing a dial or a strap, the O clock will look very different.  Here is the White mini combo, simply changed by adding a trim.    

O clock change, looks totally different!

There are many small changes we can all do, but if we can all help within fashion (and keep on trend while looking good), it is a good cause.