O bag urban XL extralight blue navy

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what is O bag

The XL Extralight® O bag urban body in navy blue is the perfect style for urbanites! It has been made from XL Extralight®, an expanded-plastic material which is hardwearing flexible and waterproof as well as being easy to clean and to look after. Lightweight and spacious, it is a faultless fusion of practicality and fashion flair. The XL Extralight® O bag urban body is an ideal office accessory, but equally suitable for leisuretime occasions or weekends out of town. You can personalise your O bag body by choosing from the wide choice of handles, shoulder straps, trims and interior pouches. A few minutes and your O bag Urban will express your personality! We recommend that you avoid exposing the XL Extralight® O bag urban body to the sun's rays for extended periods of time, to high temperatures (for instance, do not leave it next to a hot radiator in winter and don’t leave it inside a hot car in summer) or to other heat sources so that it does not become damaged or change shape or colour. Cleaning the XL Extralight® O bag urban body is incredibly simple - you can simply use warm water (30°C) with neutral soap, taking care not to rub. The image of the XL Extralight® O bag urban body in navy blue is merely indicative. The item may undergo variations during the production process. The photograph shows the colours of the item as accurately as possible; nevertheless, colours may not appear the same on different screens. We cannot guarantee that the screen of the device used will accurately reproduce the colour.  

Works with O urban inner and long handles.

Dimensions - 30cm height, 34cm interior width, 46cm superior width, 11cm depth

Materials - 100% XL Extralight